Case Study

AOD Hits 100-Lead Goal

Art of the Dog reaches its goal of 100 viable leads per month with ignite45's digital strategy.

340% Increase

In viable leads of customers looking for premium dog training services.

42% Increase

In organic impressions in the first 90 days of Search Engine Optimization.

3X Capacity

AOD scaled their facility to attend more customers every month.

Intro: Digital Uncertainty

Intro: Digital Uncertainty

Small business owners are masters of their craft, but can sometimes be unsure about their digital strategy.

AOD was no different, they were amazing dog trainers before we had the opportunity to work together, they were just unsure about how to handle their digital needs or even what they actually needed.

Challenges: Defining tangible objectives

As a result, they struggled to define their digital objectives and create a roadmap to achieve them. This lack of clarity made it difficult for them to identify the right digital tools and resources needed to drive their business forward.

Challenges: Defining tangible objectives

Strategy: High-intent traffic

Strategy: High-intent traffic

Based on Denver’s local search volume for dog trainers, AOD’s lead-to-deal closing rate, and current capacity, we determined they needed 24 sign-ups per month.

To achieve this goal, they needed 60 leads per month.

We proceeded by planning upper, middle, and lower-funnel Paid Search campaigns and establishing tangible goals.

Once the paid traffic began paying dividends, we would focus on improving their website conversion rate and organic traffic.

Implementation: Dominating Local Search Results

There is website traffic and high-intent website traffic. The difference in user behavior is very drastic, and as a consequence, high-intent converts more often.

AOD offers a very premium service, in which their dog training program costs over $3,500.

We proceeded by dominating all searches for “best dog trainers in Denver” and “Board and Train programs in Denver”. 

Users searching for these queries represented a much better quality click than a generic search for “dog trainer”.

Implementation: Dominating Local Search Results

Results: 340% Increase in Leads

Results: 340% increase in leads

With a measurable Paid Search campaign on Google Ads, AOD went from 25 leads per month to averaging well over 100 leads per month.

As paid traffic did the heavy lifting, we soon had the ability to improve the website for better conversion rates and optimize it for a boost in organic traffic.


This is what Ian had to say about the project

“We started working with ignite45 in early 2020, and to say that their team has helped us grow would be a massive understatement.

ignite45’s expertise, and the work he has done for my company, Art of the Dog, has completely transformed our business and its future.

We went from getting around 25 leads per month to averaging well over 110 leads per month.

Initially, they were just managing our Google Ads campaigns, but now, they are managing our entire online presence including our SEO strategy.

We hired to manage our SEO in February of this year, and in two short months have gone from being invisible organically, to ranking in the top three listings.

In 2020, we were in a 2,000 sqft location. In June of 2022 we moved into our current location which is 6,000 sqft, and we plan on opening our second location in Q3.

None of this would have been possible without ignite45. I rate Ignite45 50/5 stars!”

An image of the owner of AOD and his dog, serving the purpose of a testimonial regarding our digital marketing expertise and our help in growing their business.

Ian Lieberman