America First Political Campaigns

Digital Services for Conservative Candidates

As we continue getting prepared for a fiery 2024, we need to continue sharpening our tools for Republican America First political candidates.

In a nutshell:

  • Conservatives (not RINOs) candidates need to improve their digital game
  • We have the digital advertising expertise
  • We are committed to America First

Let’s get right into it.

Winning on the Digital Front

In today’s digital age, political campaigns need a strong online presence to succeed. From social media to email marketing to online advertising, digital marketing has become an essential part of any political campaign strategy. At ignite45, we specialize in helping conservative candidates win elections by utilizing effective digital marketing strategies.

In this article, we’ll explain why our digital agency is the top choice for conservatives running for office, including our team’s unique qualifications, effective approach, and commitment to conservative values.


But First Thing’s First…

This will be a recurring theme in our political partnerships.

We only have 1 requirement to engage with a campaign: Who rightfully won the 2020 Presidential Elections?

Donald J. Trump or Brandon?

Once you get through that simple firewall, we can begin working together. Otherwise, we want nothing to do with your campaign.

It’s that simple.


Our Team and Approach

We are students of America First.
We have listened to thousands and thousands of hours of Steve Bannon’s War Room, John Frederick’s Radio Show, Alex Jones, Royce White’s “Please Call Me Crazy”, Don Jr’s “Triggered”, Matt Gaetz’s Firebrand, and Donald J. Trump, among many other firebreathers.

ignite45 has assembled a team of experts with unique qualifications and digital experience in data analytics, SEO, social media, audience-building, and online advertising.


Technologies We Use

We have over 10 years of experience in Google Ads and YouTube, and we leverage these platforms to help our clients reach voters through targeted advertising and video content.

Additionally, we are the first digital agency in America dedicated to the parallel economy, and as such, we are experts at running digital campaigns on TRUTH Social, Rumble, GETTR, and Gab.

These guides can help you promote your political campaigns to a freedom-loving audience:

Commitment to American Values

We prioritize God, Freedom, American Values, and Results in everything we do.

We believe in investing in each other and our ecosystems, creating new success stories and igniting new American Dreams.

You can view our Core Values and story here.

Our approach to digital marketing is informed by our commitment to America First, allowing us to effectively communicate conservative messaging through online channels.


The issue with hiring generic digital agencies

Back in the days when we used to work in a digital agency, we had no say on what type of work landed on our lap.

We are not criticizing their business model, we are just saying the salespeople did sales, the operations people fulfilled those sales, and everyone moved on with their lives. Pretty safe, and pretty standard.

But we broke away from that model because we have 0 interest in helping business owners or political candidates that are not invested in America First.

It is what it is…

The point is that we have seen in real life how a candidate believes they are hiring a top-notch digital agency to run their advertising with their campaign funds, and by the time it gets to the person creating the campaign, it’s just a very dispassionate 9-to-5er looking to do the bare minimum.

Hey, not all of them are bad, perhaps some of them produce great results. But we’ve seen with our own eyes how a candidate’s campaign can be run by an overly liberal millennial. So that’s the little dirty truth of other digital agencies that have no skin in the game. You make your own choice.


America First.
RINOs, Libs, Democrats, Move out of the way.

ignite45 is dedicated to helping conservative candidates win elections through effective digital marketing strategies. Our team’s unique qualifications, tailored approach, and commitment to conservative values make us the top choice for conservatives running for office. If you’re a conservative candidate looking to build a strong online presence and win your election, we encourage you to reach out to us for assistance with your campaign.

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