Big Tech Must Be Defunded

Here is Why and How

Let me be blunt: The Silicon Valley oligarchs and their minions hate you.

I am happy to go through chapter and verse to present my case, but before I go on offense, I have to ask:

Is MAGA stuck in Stockholm Syndrome?

We have the power and the tools to defund them all, and yet, we still give them the power to oppress us in exchange for a Like.

In this article, I will cover the following:

  • Why we must defund big tech
  • Proof of concept
  • How it can be done

Let’s get right into it.

An image of Trump's NFT with a hard white construction hat, in an banner for ignite45, a digital agency that promotes defunding big tech through the advertisement of parallel platforms such as TRUTH, Rumble, GETTR, PublicSq and Gab.

The Technocrats Hate You.

And no, just because you support the current thing, doesn’t mean they like you.

You just happen to be a useful idiot 🤷‍♂️

You are not part of their system, nor will you ever be. Klaus Schwab still wants to strip you of all your rights, and Fauci wants to use you and your puppy as his failed science project. There’s nothing loving about that.

There are two types of criminals: Opportunity criminals and Psychopathic criminals. Psycophatic criminals love to punish their victims and see them suffer while they take everything from them. Big tech and their minions love their power trip, so in my book, they are certainly psychopaths.

It’s even silly that I have to lay out the evidence.

Can’t we all agree that Google’s search algorithm is manipulated to socially engineer the masses?

How come every time I try to search something slightly controversial I have to battle the Orwellian firewall of Snopes and other fact-checking-misinformation-spreaders?


Let’s give this argument some substance and lay out the 10 times Big Tech enjoyed violating your first amendment. 

  1. President Donald J. Trump: After years and years of manipulation, Yoel Roth’s and the rest of big tech gangsters’ wet dreams culminated in banning the sitting President of the United States.
  2. He was just standing in the way. After shadowbanning them for years, big tech then proceeded to permanently cancel thousands (perhaps millions) of patriots after the Jan. 6 fedsurrection. Big Tech also provided the three-letter agencies with your data and conversations, simply because you peacefully exercised your free speech.
  3.  Dr. Peter McCulloughDr. Robert W. Malone, and Dr. Simone Gold were banned by liberal “fact-checkers” who have no medical degrees themselves.
  4. 2020 Elections: You are unable to have any rational conversation regarding the irregularities of the 2020 elections without having these monsters slap a label on you or shadow-ban your thoughts. Could the $400 million that Zuckerberg injected into blue cities have anything to do with this?
  5. Covid-19 Origins: The little minions loved blocking any sort of thought that would indicate that maybe, just maybe, Covid-19 came from the Wuhan lab right next to where the pandemic originated, in Wuhan. What a concept!
  6. Hunter Biden: It’s a sick joke. These three-letter agencies have no honor and big tech did the heavy lifting for them. “It has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation”. “Russia Russia Russia”. Hunter Biden is a saint and the big guy is not involved in any crimes.
  7. Speaking of saints… Here comes the conman of the century: The puppy-torturer himself, Fauci. During the hype of the pandemic, you couldn’t virtually say anything slightly negative about him before big tech slapped a fact-check on you. May he burn in hell.
  8. If Elon Musk is the savior of free speech… How come Alex Jones, Owen Shroyer, and InfoWars are still banned from exercising their free speech? The last time I checked, he gave the excuse of an 11-year-old.
  9. GoFundMe and their crusade against conservatives.
  10. No, Bill Gates is not evil: Fact-checked by all the fact-check media companies he owns.

And remember, former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki won the “Freedom Expression Award” for censoring your freedom of expression.

Proof of Concept

Can we actually defund big tech?

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And There Are More Losers

From CNN and MSNBC, to Amazon and Google. They are all taking a hit.

Partially due to Brandon’s economy, and partially due to their crusade against MAGA.

Either way, you reap what you sow.

Don’t Forget To Punch Them On Their Way Down

The truth is, they are not going to go away easily, but we could at least land a few more blows as they continue to spiral out of control.

Be ruthless. Who cares.

Just stop using their products.

Use Alternatives

Learn Your Way Around the Parallel Economy

Ditch Twitter and go to TRUTH and GETTR.

Ditch Facebook & Instagram and go to Gab.

Ditch YouTube and go to Rumble.

Ditch Google and use FreeSpoke.

Ditch Amazon and Big Box Stores and try to find it on PublicSq.

Ditch AT&T and others, and join Patriot Mobile.

Ditch “news” and talk radio propaganda, and get your daily dose of John Fredericks every morning.

I can keep going, but I trust you can continue connecting the dots.

Advertising in the parallel economy on platforms like TRUTH Social, Rumble, PublicSq, GETTR, and Gab.

Let’s Not Be Passive Spectators

I am mostly speaking to myself. I still use big tech junk at times, but I am making a conscious effort to exercise the muscle of ditching woke.

Being a passive spectator does not help in any way the fight for our freedoms.

Here are a few other ways we can help fight back:

  1. Lose the fear: Stop joining these alternative social media platforms only to have an anonymous name. Look, the handle @patriot1776 is already taken. Just be yourself, you were likely going to be canceled anyhow. I recently had a hilarious conversation at CPAC with a “journalist” from Rolling Stone asking me how I felt about supporting Gab, according to him, “a white supremacist platform”.  My response was simple: “All I’ve seen in Gab is a Christian-based community and I love it!

  2. Post Original Content: Joining GETTR to only repost everything Steve Bannon posts is kind of pointless.  Post original lifestyle content of your cat, your dog, or yourself during a hike or at a Christmas dinner. Ultimately, this organic engagement is what grew Facebook and Instagram. If anything, you can grab Bannon’s or Trump’s content and repost it on big tech. That’s a bit more useful.

  3. Help Devin Nunes Do More: It’s not necessarily TRUTH CEO’s fault. The alternative platforms are under constant attack by the mob and their bots. Devin Nunes needs to hire more moderators and invest in better technology to avoid the bots. We can also help them by marking the bots as Spam and blocking them.

  4. Accept Advertising: There is no such thing as a free lunch. Advertisement is the only method that can sustain pro-speech platforms. The only mature conversation around this topic should be whether users want personalized advertising according to their affinities, or random advertising.

  5. Advertise on the Parallel Economy: If you are a business owner, you should try growing your business through these platforms, especially if you are already giving your advertising dollars to Facebook and Google. There is a patriotic audience ready to support your business, but you must be willing to actively participate and engage with them.
    Full disclosure: I am personally invested in the parallel economy. That’s why I have put together these guides on How To Advertise on TRUTH Social and How To Create Rumble Video Ads. That being said, these guides are free and you can choose to follow them on your own or contact our team for expert service.

  6. Stop getting high off Likes: That’s literally the equivalent of a sugar high. They are both out to kill you in exchange for a little rush. Just because you get a little bit more engagement on Instagram doesn’t mean that you should continue using it. They are salivating at the opportunity of censoring more conservative voices, including yours. But only you can stop the abuse.


You Are Big Tech's Creditor

Every time you scroll down the feed, you fund their war against you.

It’s not just Facebook. It’s Meta as a whole and the rest of the oligarchs: Google, the CCP’s TikTok, Amazon, Twitter, AT&T, DirecTv and so on.

Stop using their product and make them pay for their tyranny. 

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